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Art Research Association Inc.

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Director, Ingrid J. Swanson
A.R.A. Gallery
Art Research Associates, Inc.

300 at Main Street, South Hamilton Massachusetts 01982.

Mailing Address:
Art Research Associates Inc. P.O. Box 2271,
South Hamilton, MA 01982
Phone: (978)-468-7446
Fax: (978)-468-2849

Directions from the South (Boston)
     1. US-1 N toward TOBIN BRIDGE. 12.57 miles
     2. Merge onto MA-128 N toward PEABODY/ GLOUCESTER. 7.84 miles
     3.Take the RT-1A N exit- exit number 20A- toward HAMILTON. 0.11 miles
     4. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto DODGE ST/ MA-1A. Continue to follow MA-1A.

Directions from the North
    1. Stay straight to go onto I-95 S/ BLUE STAR MEMORIAL HWY. Continue to follow I-95 S (Portions toll).
     2. Take the TOPSFIELD RD exit- exit number 52- toward TOPSFIELD. 0.23 miles
     3. Turn LEFT onto TOPSFIELD RD. 0.67 miles
     4. TOPSFIELD RD becomes BOXFORD RD. 0.29 miles
     5. BOXFORD RD becomes WASHINGTON ST. 0.69 miles
     6. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto HIGH ST EXT. 0.12 miles
     7. HIGH ST EXT becomes MA-97. 2.45 miles
     8 Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto TOPSFIELD RD/ MA-97. 1.11 miles
     9. Turn LEFT onto CHERRY ST. 1.10 miles
     10. Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto MONUMENT ST. 0.42 miles
     11. Turn LEFT onto MAIN ST/ MA-1A. 0.73 miles



ARA Gallery, 300 at Main Street South Hamilton Massachusetts 01982.

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